Your Inner Skeptic

I started this blog anonymously knowing that there were some things that needed to be said that the “real me” couldn’t say at the time. Over the life of this blog I’ve been approached by a few people (via email) who needed that same channel.

The form below is your opportunity to release your inner skeptic. If you’ve got a rant or observation you’d like to share, feel free to submit it below under your own “fake” name. It asks for an email but you’re under no obligation to use your real one. (Silly looking emails will probably get filtered by spam, so at least get creative.)

The form also does not allow markup, but if you’d like to add links and such, I’ll do my best to reconstruct it.

I’ll do my best to quickly post your entry as long as it’s coherent and appropriate. Here’s to the Skeptic in you!

If you’d rather just email me, feel free to at cuskeptic at gmail dot com


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