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Hold please…

I had a big post about the receptionist all coming together nicely. It had grand storytelling, a few exaggerations*, and a great moral. It was nice and fun, but it missed the one question I kept coming back to:

What if tomorrow morning, the employer of our new found favorite CU receptionist announced that they were starting the process of becoming a bank?

Would that change your view on the receptionist’s comments? What if they had announced something like that the day before? What would the CU industry reaction have been then? What if they announced that they were merging with a much larger CU? What if they announced they were shutting down?


The deal is, you U.S. CUs are a spotty bunch. There are some good ones and there are some bad ones and there are a whole lot in the middle. The credit union movement is only as good as the CU that has the most influence on you. For many, that means the CU they are geographically closest to.

For you CU industry types, that means the CU movement is awesome because you yourself are rockin’ and have done your best to make the CU you work in or with a general realm of greatness. Others are not so lucky/blessed/self-motivated/driven/anything else you contribute your personal CU success to.

It’s really easy to say things like “Credit unions are great places to work” but seriously tomorrow the CU nearest me may be closed, or under a different name, or even be a bank. If that happened, would it have been a “great place to work” the day before? The month before? The year before?

This is the reality of the CU movement.

* I honestly still haven’t seen the original, so my original post probably had more than a few exaggerations.