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currently being discussed by the CU Blogosphere is…

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  1. Mike Templeton on

    I haven’t been out checking my RSS feeds on the CU blogosphere, but I see Twitter ablaze with TARP and corporates credit unions.

  2. Ginny Brady on

    I definitely paying attention to The NCUA Stabilization Plan for Corporate Credit Unions and participating in the discussions.

  3. Ginny Brady on

    Ooops – I = I’m

  4. Credit Union Warrior/Matt Davis on

    NCUA Stabilization Plan and dissatisfaction with trade organization leadership.

  5. Tim McAlpine on

    Whether Matt Davis is a Warrior or a Weenie 🙂

  6. Tim McAlpine on

    I kid, seems like TARP, TARP, TARP… everywhere I turn.

  7. Credit Union Warrior/Matt Davis on

    @Tim HA! Seems like weenie is the consensus! 🙂

  8. Morriss Partee on

    TARP is a separate issue from the NCUA-fee-credit-unions plan, errrrrrrrrrr, Corporate Stabilization Plan. We really need to make sure is that we don’t do both!

    All the talk now is about the NCUA Stabilization Plan. Let’s make sure to remember to get OUT of the TARP bailout line while we’re at it.

  9. Jeffry Pilcher on

    It should be about how our economy needs to be fundamentally reset and restructured around things like “thrift,” “savings,” and “living within your means.” America’s economy is addicted to (1) credit, and (2) consumerism/consumption.

    All this current hulabaloo about TARP is a red herring. We’re talking about how we can sustain our old economic model when we should be looking to reinvent it. We’re treating the symptoms (credit crisis) with the same remedies (more debt) instead of treating the root disease (unsustainable economy).

  10. James on

    A bunch of things that are irrelevant to the service our members get…

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