Pie in the Sky: The Self Sustained Credit Union

Principle #4 does point to the use of agreements with other organizations and external funding as options available to credit unions, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily required.

What if , instead of relying on external agreements, your credit union always looked first to members to fill its needs. In this age of large memberships, don’t many of your members have the skills to do the things you are outsourcing? Even if you had to bring together many members to work towards a common design/development/marketing/community goals, isn’t that what a co-op is all about?


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  1. Morriss Partee on

    Interesting point, and a very good one. Sounds like a great idea in principle; i.e. if the credit union needs landscaping services, it should see if one of their members offers the service before opening the bid to the public. I know that many credit unions try to source services within their geographic community, but don’t know if any check their membership first. If any CUs do this, please respond here.

  2. Gene Blishen on

    We have been doing this for years now. Our plumber, our electrician, our snow removal person, our poinsettas at Christmas, etc. There are a few things we can’t get from our members but our initial attempt is to always do business with them first.
    IF you do business with another source the second priority is to see if they do business with another credit union.
    I think anyone would be pleasantly surprised when they do see the number of members available that can service some of their needs.

  3. CU Skeptic on

    @gene – I would expect nothing less from you and your CU 🙂

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