Skeptic 2.0

I don’t know whether it was the great conversation that was getting started, the blinding lights on stage, or the sweet smell of Ron Shevlin, but I hopped off stage last Thursday without addressing Skeptic 2.0. Well let’s get into it now.

Objective #1: Keep writing and write more

The attitude around my unveiling has reinforced my resolve to make this blog happen, even without anonymity. I’d like to post once a week which would double my pace from last year. This industry has never left me short of topics, it’s time to start taking on more of them.

Objective #2: Allow you to unleash your inner Skeptic

I’ve already posted one and been approach by another member of the CU community that would like to post a guest article under a veil of anonymity. I wanted to make this kind of sharing easier and more anonymous so I setup a form over at Your Inner Skeptic for just this type of submission. I look forward to helping you share your observations with the CU world.

Objective #3: Start changing this thing from the inside out

I’m looking for a credit union to join. More than that, I’m looking for a credit union to join and a board to run for. More than that, I’m looking for others that want to do the same. (Or have already done the same.)

If you want me at your CU, or on your Board, let me know.

If you’ve been considering something similar and are ready to get this thing rolling, let me know.

If you’re on a board and reading this…well hi Ginny…any advice?


I told you this was only the beginning….


8 comments so far

  1. Gene Blishen on

    Mark, when I see the next generation of credit union members such as yourself willing to pick up the torch, understanding what a credit union is all about it makes me extremely happy. Finally some of us older ones can feel we have done our job. It is that passion that created the CU movement, it is that passion that continues in the CU movement and it is that passion that will change and make the CUs what they need to be in the future.

  2. Andy LaFlamme on

    Mark, you are the man. Its awesome that you have enough energy and interest in credit unions to actively participate in one. You’re viewpoint is great and keeps us all on our toes.

    I’d love to have you on Maine State CU’s board, but I don’t think you’ll be moving to Maine any time soon. Every credit union needs at least one board member like you. I hope we can find our own CU Skeptic here in our backyard.

  3. Ron Shevlin on

    The thought of you on a CU board of directors is a GREAT idea.

    In fact, I think every 26 year-old should be on the board of a CU. It would give them a solid dose of reality on the realities of running an organization in tough times, and would work wonders for helping them understand that there are a lot of tough decisions you have to make if you want to “change everything” and start marketing to the next generation simply because they “represent the future.”

    p.s. Thanks for the compliment. I can’t wait to hear what you think of me after I get my breast implants.

  4. Tansley Stearns on

    Excellent job presenting! I was impressed with your candor. I have been drinking the credit union Kool-Aid since my first day at a credit union 10 years ago. Even though I never ever thought I’d be working in financial services, let alone credit unions when I graduated from college, I instantly identified with the mission of credit unions and people helping people. I love this industry. However, the fresh perspective that we aren’t always delivering on what we “think” we are is crucial. If the consumer isn’t hearing it, we aren’t delivering yet. Thanks for keeping us on our toes. I’ll be tuning into your blog and sharing with my team to help us continue to tighten our messaging and our delivery.
    By the way, if you want to move to CT, we’d love to have you as a member here at Connex.

  5. James W on

    Sweet post!

  6. Denise Wymore on

    Hey Skeptic,

    When I clicked on My Inner Skeptic I got an error page.

    Should I take this personally or is it broken – I think the idea is brilliant.


  7. CU Skeptic on

    @Gene – Thanks…but don’t go all passing the torch on me…we still expect great things from you. You’re not done yet!

    @Andy, @Tansley – Thanks for the invites to your CUs. I’m pretty fond of my Texas roots, but it’s good to know I have options. 🙂

    @Ron – I can’t tell if that realness or snarkiness, but I’m take it both ways. 🙂

    @Denise – I’m sorry. After careful consideration by our Skeptic Department, your Inner Skeptic has been rejected. 😉 (JK)

    Had the link wrong in the post. It’s fixed now. Also there’s a link up in the navigation area. Thx.

  8. Ginny Brady on

    Mark, I feel cheated! I had to leave before your unveiling. I wish I had been there but, no matter, it doesn’t change my admiration for you. People like you and Andy LaFlamme are my inspiration to recognize and encourage the leadership potential of UFirst members like you. Can I count on you to continue to challenge board members like me? Oh, by the way, I’m on the program at the CUES directors conference in December and your story (and thoughts) are placed, strategically, in my presentation.

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