Presentation Reflection

First up, I promised the slides so here they are. Not sure how much they’ll help: 2008_symposium_skeptic_pdf

Also the links to the Filene Research I referenced: Employee Perceptions of Credit Unions and Why Choose a Credit Union? An Ethnographic Study of Member Behaviour

A few other notes, appologies, etc after watching the video myself:

  • I referred to the second Filene Research Study (Why Choose a CU) as “recent” when in fact it was released in September….2007. I sincerely apologize for the inaccuracy. It’s still fairly recent as far as research goes.
  • In the same vein, I casually referred to George Hofheimer as ‘George.’ The Chief Research Officer at Filene probably deserves a little more respect from someone he’s never met. Once again, sincerest apologies.
  • There are a few times I used the word bank when I meant credit union. Sometimes even my mouth doesn’t know the difference. 😉

Feel free to email me any other criticisms you wish or, if it’s something you think is worth a public lashing, go ahead and let me have it in the comments.

Thanks again to Doug True and Forum Solutions for inviting me to share my message. Also thanks to everyone who has sent positive tweets, blog posts, and comments my way.

Kum-ba-ya Over. 😉


2 comments so far

  1. Ashli Moore on

    Hi Mark. It was great to meet you as Mark McSpadden and then as the Skeptic. I appreciate your candor in your statements and did notice your credit union/bank slip up, but thought it was on purpose as a part of your presentation…it made sense. I am looking forward to your continued postings and hope to be a more active participant in the blogsphere. Good luck on finding a credit union to meet your needs…as you may have found from the symposium, even though we all fall under the umbrella of credit union with the same basic principals, the errs of human nature allow us to make different decisions on what that means to each credit union. Some get it, some don’t. Hope you find the one that meets your needs…after all, once you are a member, you are also an owner.

  2. Doug True on

    Thanks for your time and energy. We enjoyed the fun that was had surrounding your unveiling.

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