Pie in the Sky: Hey Boss!

In talking about Members’ Economic Participation, it’s clear that “owner” is a term that can be used to describe CU members. I wonder what would happen if your CU started calling everyone that came through the door “Boss.” It would be like the affectionate nickname you have for your members. “Hey Boss, what can I do for you today?” 🙂

If you don’t think calling everyone “Boss” is a great idea, you could change your “Thanks for coming in/calling today. Have a nice day” to “Thanks for exercising your ownership. Have a nice day.

Don’t think these things matter? Every time I walk into Chick-fil-a, receive my order, and say “thank you” I am met with the best reply in fast food today. “My pleasure.” I notice. I’m not the only one.

If reinforcing ownership is on your radar, the subtle things you say can make a world of difference.


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  1. Ken Gardner on

    I call members “boss” every once in a while to throw them off and keep things fresh. I completely agree that sometimes it’s the small things that go along way. Credit unions in general need to integrate more aspects of ownership into member interaction. If we don’t, then we really undermine our own argument that we are different from banks. It’s my opinion that to maintain our tax-treatment we need to take a long look in the mirror and find ways to create more value for our members.

  2. Gene Blishen on

    You raise a very interesting point. Seems Wall Street performs for the shareholder and that is the way it works. But credit unions neglect their members as owners or should I say overlook their members as owners.
    One vital condition the board and the management of any credit union can contribute is to make staff aware that the people they serve are members AND owners. The terms are inclusive, not exclusive. It does put a great sense of responsibility on every human transaction. The toughest part is to get management to understand this sometimes.

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