A long vacation…

It’s been a little while since my last post. Ok a long while. It’s not that I haven’t seen anything to be skeptical about, it’s just been really busy times in the personal and professional life of Mr. Skeptic. I hope to be able to explain this better at some point, but for now, all I can say is that it has been busy around here. (Good busy, but busy none the less.)

So I’ll quickly point out some of the things that caught my attention during my hiatus. I hope to explore these all a little further in separate blog posts, including one this weekend. (These may not be in order.)

  • Fear still proves to be at the forefront of CU minds.
  • CURIA is hanging out around congress. (I hear this bill will save every US Credit Union, free CUs from every current burden, and provide funds to make sandwiches for each and every member. Without it I’ve heard CUs in the US will fail to exist.)
  • Trey Reeme did NOT ask for all over 60 board members to resign. He may or may not have called CUs boring.
  • Currency Marketing’s Young and Free could be coming to a CU near you. (Still gathering info and forming opinions about this)

I’m sure there is more, but those came to mind first. My favorite quote from my hiatus comes from Tim McAlpine’s twitter, it was directed at me.

“Silence is not skeptical. Silence is irrelevant.”

He is dead on. And that’s why I hope to keep writing. Not to stay relevant for the sake of being relevant, but to stay relevant because there are things said here that are left in silence else where.


3 comments so far

  1. Tim McAlpine on

    I figured you might read that! Glad to have you back.

  2. Trey Reeme on

    Darn right I didn’t say that about the bored. I did say boring though.

    Inherently, what we do best is pretty boring. Making loans and taking deposits. My CEO says it best, “People want a car, not a car loan. They want a house, not a mortgage.” That approach isn’t boring. The nuts and bolts and paperwork is.

    The experience doesn’t have to be. The best credit unions and banks get that.

  3. Morriss Partee on

    @CUSkeptic – It’s terrific to have you back…. and it’s time to make hay, before the grand unveiling in Indy in October.

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