How long does it take to blog?

There is a great conversation going on that started with Tim and Ron and has become an all out community event. (Even warranting a full blown response article and the introduction of a new verb from Tim.) While I have my own thoughts on the underlying issues, the first thing I want to know, from those who are obviously more deligent in their blogging than I, is “How much time does blogging actually take?”

I’ve heard (and sure am a testiment to the fact) that blogging does take time, but how much? I created a super short survey that I would love to have you input on. Have fun.

The Real Cost of Blogging Survey

Update: I currently have 6 submissions to survey. When I get 20, I’ll publish the results.


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  1. Tony Mannor on

    First, welcome back from the ether CU Skeptic 🙂

    For me it depends on the topic. If I am being serious it could take me an hour or more (3 hours tops) to knock out one of my monolithic posts.

    My Friday Fun posts maybe take 10 to 15 minutes tops. I try to post a Friday Fun post twice a month and a regular post once a week. So all together, maybe I spend 5 hours a month on the blog.

    One thing I do is I have a Google Bookmarks account so while I am surfing from home or on my laptop at the coffee shop, if I find something interesting I save it into my CUHype Posts bookmarks folder. I also have about 25 unfinished posts that I could knock out in a pinch. I also subscribe to all the other CU related blogs to keep up on what other folks are talking about.

    All in all, I get far more out of blogging than what I put into it. I approach it like I do emailing my friends. I have a good time, crack some jokes when I can and try to help out the person on the other end. After all of that – I just hope I have made their day a little bit better.

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