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What is really wrong with this video.

I’ve seen “The Difference between Banks & Credit Unions” a few times now and from the first viewing, there has been one piece of it that makes me want to shout and scream and throw things.


First let’s give Larissa her due props. I absolutely love the presentation style. I am super impressed that she was able to use a style made “popular” by some very smart and talented people (CommonCraft) and somehow not make it lame. It was clean, smart, and funny, and that’s not easy to do when talking about credit unions.

What’s the problem?

It’s the bench scene. I just can’t stomach it. If you want to watch just the clip, it starts at 1:32 in the video. I’ve provided the transcript below.

“Hey. Hey, do you like my ipod…my bank gave it to me.”
“Hey do you like my long list of free services…my credit union gave them to me. owned.”

Sorry cu stick figure, but from my perspective, you got got the short end of that deal. Bank boy is sitting there with an ipod and you’ve got a list. A LIST!

Not only is your long roll of paper useless for rocking out, the free services you hold so dear were part of Bank boy’s account as well. He got an ipod. You got a propaganda scroll. Owned.

Why are you picking on a 19 year old girl?

Actually, I don’t blame Larissa for this misstep at all. It’s a line credit unions have been holding on to for a long time. “We offer more free services.” The problem is, I’m just not sure it’s true anymore. I think before we go off touting “more free services” as one of the big draws to a credit union, we may want to stop and see if it truly is a “credit union difference.”

Why does it matter?

With all the talk about a national marketing campaign and the giddy hysteria to put this video on every cu homepage in the world, I think it’s important that if something is claimed as a “cu difference”, it really is. Promoting something as a “difference” that isn’t only blurs the lines between banks and credit unions even more.

So that’s my question: Is “more free services” a credit union difference?

Update: Tim does a great job of calling me out and giving me a Canadian banking lesson below. I highly recommend you check out his comment.


After reading Ron’s headline I thought maybe I wasn’t going to have to be “that guy” on this one, but as Tim pointed out, by definition, I am “that guy.” Glad to be back in the swing of things.


How long does it take to blog?

There is a great conversation going on that started with Tim and Ron and has become an all out community event. (Even warranting a full blown response article and the introduction of a new verb from Tim.) While I have my own thoughts on the underlying issues, the first thing I want to know, from those who are obviously more deligent in their blogging than I, is “How much time does blogging actually take?”

I’ve heard (and sure am a testiment to the fact) that blogging does take time, but how much? I created a super short survey that I would love to have you input on. Have fun.

The Real Cost of Blogging Survey

Update: I currently have 6 submissions to survey. When I get 20, I’ll publish the results.