The Crack Addict’s Credit Union

I’m reading the latest OSCU article about a holiday loan being offered by Detroit Municipal Credit Union and the conversation lent this nugget in regard to members financial responsibility (or lack there of):

“People are going to do it no matter what. Would you rather they go to a check cashing co or a CU?”

What a great position to take! You know there are always going to be people who are not financially responsible, so why not make the credit union a clearing house for them to gather. While they are there maybe you can help them pick up other bad habits.

In fact, I like pairing this with Tim’s arguement for a more narrow field of membership for more relevant credit unions, so here we go.

  • The Gambler’s Credit Union. Why would we keep letting these people go to bookies?
  • The Crack Addict’s Credit Union: Digging through your grandmother’s purse is no way to live.

And I wish I could come up with one more for the trifecta, but I’ll let you guys take care of it in the comments.

(PS. Thanks to the CU Communicator for missing me during my month long absence. If you blog, you know sometimes life gets busy. I hope to do better this month.)


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  1. Trey Reeme on


  2. CU Communicator on

    Skeptic – welcome back!

  3. Tim McAlpine on

    3) The Shop-a-holic’s Credit Union. When all your credit cards are maxed, don’t worry we have a bucket o bucks just for you.

  4. Denise Wymore on

    Don’t forget the “Keeping Up with the Joneses” Credit Union

    We’ll help you buy the house you can’t afford, to live in the neighborhood with the people you can’t stand!!

    Welcome back Skeptic. Man, you can’t put a blog out there with this name and not keep posting…I’ll be happy to be a guest blogger for you!!

  5. CU Communicator on

    How about a Carjacker’s Credit Union … “Hot Loans for Hot Cars!”

  6. Tony Mannor on

    How about the “Urban Camper’s Credit Union”?
    No Home, No Credit, No Problem.


    The Alcoholics Credit Union
    Auto Loans for those who just need “One for the Road”.

    Bad taste? Maybe. But so are bad financial habits.

  7. Dan Veasey on

    Here’s one that was inspired by a recent conversation with a few credit union members.

    Southern Moonshiners’ Credit Union…
    Since 1920 we’re “still” here!

  8. Pierre Burns on

    In all seriousness there have been productive attempts to help out those requiring additional assistance. Not sure how many of you have heard of Vancity’s efforts with Pigeon Park Savings:

  9. Morriss Partee on

    @Pierre – that is an amazing, awe-inspiring story. Thank you for sharing. This is why I love the credit union movement, and the amazing people who make it happen.

  10. Kelly on

    CU Skeptic,

    Where are you?

  11. […] Union blog, and later Tim McAlpine at Currency Marketing articulated, and Ron Shevlin and the CUSkeptic satirized. Well, in a certain sense, Propser has already brought this concept to life via its […]

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